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Uniqlo Surprised Camera in China – Fitting Room Scandal


Here you will find the Uniqlo Surprised Camera Video. The Fitting Room Scandal video was made by a pinhole camera. The police handling the case brought the camera and the connector back to the police station and took the surveillance video of the UNIQLO.

When Ms. Zhong, a citizen of Shenzhen, tried clothes at the Unico Ico Shopping Center in Longhua, she found that there was a pinhole camera in the fitting room, which made her panic. At present, Longhua police has been involved in the investigation.

There was an “indecent video” incident in the UNIQLO fitting room. It was a sensation, and this time it was discovered that a hidden pinhole camera was found, which caused widespread concern.

Ms. Chung found that the camera in the fitting room was purely accidental. After trying two sets of clothes, a “black dot” similar to the button on the fitting mirror caused Ms. Zhong’s suspicion. After the “button” was pulled out, the pinhole camera showed its original shape. How long has this camera been, how many people have been photographed, and whether the video has been leaked, etc., are the focus of attention.

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