Veronika sucks and fucks her son’s best friend


When 55-year-old Veronika Vixon walks into her son’s bedroom, she sees his best friend sleeping in bed. But what really catches her eye is his cock. Talk about morning wood! The guy is tenting, and Veronika can’t resist. Curious about the actual size of that cock, she gently lifts the blanket off his dick and starts sucking it.

“Mrs. Vixon, what are you doing?” he says, waking up startled. Wouldn’t you be startled if you woke up and found your best friend’s mom sucking your dick?

“You need to just relax, okay?” Veronika says. “My husband is not home and I haven’t been fucked in months, so just let me suck on this cock and I’m going to fuck you hard.”

He protests, sort of. After all, how hard can a man protest when a sexy MILF is sucking his cock?

Fact of life, gentlemen: It doesn’t matter how big and strong you are. When your cock is in a woman’s mouth, she has all the power.

Veronika sucks his cock long and deep and fucks him hard. Then Johnny cums in her mouth and all over her tits. He’s 22 years old, by the way. Nearly young enough to be her grandson, let alone her kid’s best friend.

“I have done some wild things,” Veronika said. “The most-fun job I ever had was working at the Shady Lady Ranch in Nevada. The girls who worked there were so entertaining and, of course, the customers even more so. It was thoroughly exhausting but definitely the most-interesting and fun job I’ve ever had.”

Until now, of course. But this isn’t a job for Veronika. She’s just doing what comes naturally: fucking her son’s best friend.

Pornstar: Veronika Vixon