The nerd has a BBC for Cashmere


“I want people to enjoy what they see, and I hope they enjoy me,” 60-year-old divorcee and mom Cashmere said. “There is a little part of me that’s nervous about this being out there for anyone to see, but it’s exciting, too, not knowing who’s going to see me.”

We’re all going to see you, Cashmere! We’re going to see you sucking and fucking Jack’s big, young, black cock, and then we’re going to see him glazing your pretty face with his cum. We’re going to enjoy it, and one of the reasons we’re going to enjoy it is that you obviously enjoy it so much.

“I do enjoy sex,” Cashmere said. “I was married to the same man for 23 years, then we got divorced and everything changed. The first time another man kissed me, I was shocked because he brought out this passion in me that I didn’t know was there anymore, and when you’re older, you have a little fear. I just felt this passion inside of me and I wanted to take it further, so I started having sex with different people, and I really enjoyed it. I’ve learned a lot. I’ve done more things now sexually than I had in the previous 25 years. It’s a liberating experience. It’s an empowering experience.”

Cashmere first came to us when she was 58 years old. She was born in Ohio and lives in Arizona. She’s petite and measures a sexy 36-28-36 with nice, firm tits. She used to be an interior designer. She enjoys old movies, her dream car is a Tesla and she likes to watch NBA games (favorite team: Cleveland Cavaliers). We asked her if the people she knows would be surprised to see her here, and she said, “Yes! I only want a select few to know about this. My family would not understand.”

Works for us, Cashmere. It’ll be our sexy little secret.