Jessi Lee and the fuck machine


“I love sex, all kinds of sex,” 42-year-old wife and mom Jessi Lee said. “It just depends on what kind of mood I’m in.”

Today, Jessi Lee is in the mood to get fucked, but there’s nobody around for her to play with. There is, however, something for her to play with, and that something is a fuck machine with a pink dildo attached to it. That fuck machine is going to fuck her pussy and drill it hard, and fortunately for Jessi, it’s not going to cum until she cums. Actually, it’s not going to cum at all. You are.

“My pussy’s getting wet for you, imagining you stroking that cock of yours…it gets me so hot,” she says. “Just imagine my machine is your cock and you’re gonna fuck me.”

We can do that. No problem at all. Jessi Lee, who hails from California and lives in Seattle, Washington, is the epitome of the MILF fuck toy. She’s a hot blonde with a tight body and nice, firm tits. She’s wearing black lingerie that barely covers her rack. Her pussy is covered by just two rows of pearls. And when that fuck machine gets cranking on Jessi Lee’s pussy, she really gets into it.

Jessi isn’t a swinger, but she and her husband have an open marriage.

“He loves watching me have sex with other men. I know he’s going to love this. I’m also doing it for myself. I love sex. I love to be watched. I think it’s a pairing between two people that makes a perfect match.”

Jessi Lee told us she wanted to try porn out of curiosity.

“I wanted to explore that side of me and get my feet wet. Have some fun. I love to be looked at. That really gets me excited, to see a man excited by looking at me. I love dirty talk. A man who’s confident and loves to please is awesome.”

She didn’t say anything about a fuck machine that loves to please.