How to please an older woman, by Chery Leigh


“I’d never experienced an orgasm until I met my third husband,” 60-year-old stunner Chery Leigh said. “In 20 years, my ex-husband might have gone down on me twice. Then I met my current husband, and the first time we had sex, he went down on me right away. I was trying to push him away because I didn’t know what to expect, and all of a sudden, he had me having an orgasm within minutes.”

There’s been no turning back for Chery, who fucked on-camera at for the first time when she was 55 years old and returned to us at the ripe, prime age of 60 to enjoy her first DP at and in the movie Granny Fuck Club.

Chery is a swinger. When she had sex with the other members of the Granny Fuck Club, it wasn’t her first time with a woman. Or women. She’s had sex with men she’d just met. She’s been at the center of a gang bang with seven men.

“It’s like somebody turned on the faucet and never turned it off!” she said.

If you had told Chery 10 years ago that one day, she’d be at an adult website like, dressed all sexy and teaching guys how to make love to an older woman–as she does in the video version of this scene–she would’ve said you were crazy. Back then, Chery had no idea how a man should make love to an older woman. She does now.

Back in 2013, we asked Chery if the people who knew her would be surprised to see her here, and she said, “Those who are not aware of me being a swinger would be extremely surprised.”

And those who knew her in 2005 would’ve been extremely surprised to find out that she’s now a swinger.

“I take good care of myself,” she said. “I go to the gym every day.”

She’s in great fuckin’ shape…great shape for fucking. Enjoy. Learn something, too.