Happy anniversary, honey. I got you two BBCs!


“I can’t wait to surprise her,” Seka Black’s real-life husband says at the start of this scene. “This is going to be so good. She’s wanted this forever.”

Mr. Black walks into the house and greets his lovely wife, but she’s a little taken aback.

“Where’s my flowers?” she asks. “It’s our anniversary.”

“Well, yeah, I know. I got you something a little better than flowers,” he says.

“I thought were going out.”

“No, honey. We’re going in. I want you to meet some friends.”

Mr. Black’s friends are Jax and Jonathan. They have big, black cocks, and there’s nothing Seka loves more than big, black cocks.

“Oh, nice surprise,” she says.

“Isn’t this a lot better than flowers?” her hubby asks.

“Oh, a lot better.”

“I want you to take these two beautiful, big black men into the bedroom and fuck the shit out of them, and I’m going to pull up a chair and watch. You know what to do.”

Damn right she knows what to do. Seka knows how to suck both their cocks, first one and then the other while stroking the cock that’s not in her mouth. She licks and sucks their balls because that’s what an old, slutty, BBC-loving wife does. She gives them her pussy, getting fucked by one cock while sucking the other. She rides those cocks with her beautiful, big ass. And then she gets DP’d.

Some women want flowers and champagne for their anniversary. Some women covet jewelry. Mr. Black obviously knows what gift his lovely wife wants. And he definitely doesn’t have to worry about her returning it.