Cammille Austin’s very big little surprise


Cammille Austin, a 60-year-old well-fucked wife, is wearing little blue panties and a top that her big tits are pouring out of. She’s wearing her wedding ring, too. Her nipples are pierced, and we get a nice closeup of them. Her belly button is pierced, too. This woman is the definition of “MILF Fuck Toy.” Or “Granny Fuck Toy,” because she’s that, too.

“I have a little surprise I want to show you today,” she says. “I think you’re gonna love it. I know I do.”

She takes off her clothes and shows us her tits, pussy and ass. That’s the surprise? Not exactly. Actually, not at all.

Then she takes out the surprise: It’s a huge, brown dildo.

“Isn’t it beautiful?” she says.

Well, if you say so, Cammille, but we think your tight, pink pussy would be beautiful with that ginormous fuck toy deep inside.

So Cammille shoves it inside her cunt. That dildo is thicker than her arm and about the length of her torso, and you might have some doubt about whether she can take it inside her pussy. Cammille has fucked some big cocks but nothing as big as this.

“This is my new little toy,” she says.

Cammille must have a new definition of “little.”

So she sits on it, and it slides right in. It’s amazing what a well-used MILF pussy can do, how it can expand then snap right back into shape.

Granny pussy…now that’s a beautiful thing!