A BBC for Rita’s ass: the video


CAN RITA’S ASSHOLE SURVIVE LUCAS’S BIG, BLACK COCK? we asked when this scene was first posted at 60PlusMILFs.com on February 27, 2011. By that time, Rita was 60 years old and had become a star. She had already done her first interracial scene (also with Lucas Stone) and her first anal (with Juan Largo) as well as her first threesome.

“I had a lot of firsts with The SCORE Group,” Rita, now 69, recalled. “I had my very first anal scene with Juan Largo. Oh my gosh, that was amazing. It was the first time I left the studio and went on-location. We were doing an outdoor shoot on a rickety old chair for the first time I ever got my ass fucked, and I’m trying to balance on the chair and get this big fuckin’ cock in my ass at the same time. That was really amazing.”

But her anal scene with Lucas Stone figured to be something entirely different.

“That was my very first interracial anal scene, so I was really, really nervous about having that big, huge cock in my ass,” she said. “But once the scene starts and you just have this chemistry going, you forget about everything else, and for me, it was amazing. I loved it.

“When we had to cut and [the videographer] was doing something like moving the lighting, Lucas didn’t cut. He just kept going. He just wanted to keep his dick inside of me and keep fucking me and sucking my tits, and me sucking his cock. With Lucas, there was never a cut. You just kept going.”

When this scene was posted, we wrote, “[Lucas uses] his dick as a battering ram on her 60something cunt. When ass-fucking time comes, Rita spreads her asshole wide, and Rita does her breathing exercises as Lucas slides in. Can she take it? Of course she can. And does Lucas take mercy on Rita’s asshole? No way! He fucks it hard then positions himself over her for a doggie-style ass-fucking. ‘Give me some more,’ Lucas says as he withdraws from Rita’s gaping asshole and she spreads her ass wide, her cunt gaping, too. ‘Oh, I’m such a slut for you, Rita says.'”

The video has all the trademarks of a great Rita scene: Rita’s connection with you, the viewer, the saliva strings when she’s sucking cock, the constant stream of fuck talk, the little things Rita does, like reaching back through her legs to massage his balls when she’s down on all fours, getting her ass fucked, and then sucking the cum off the cock that just came out of her ass. These are the kinds of things seasoned porn stars do, but Rita is a regular woman.

“I’m definitely more of an exhibitionist on-camera than I am in real life,” she said. “It all depends on where I am and what I’m doing. Sometimes I’m a real exhibitionist. If I’m out partying on South Beach, I’m totally different. But when I’m home and in grandma mode and having good times with my grandkids, you’d never know I was a porn star. I have a lot of different sides.”

So far, we haven’t found one we didn’t love.